Wind turbine damage

Top 10 reasons for wind turbine failure


Like any piece of complex machinery operating under stress, turbines can fail. They break. They develop faults. And without the right care and protection policy in place, costs can quickly spiral out of control.

For the owner and investor, this can lead to lost revenue and operational downtime. And worse, it means absorbing an increasingly daunting repair bill.

Despite a manufacturer’s best intentions and many so-called bulletproof guarantees, wind turbines will continue to fail, fall over and break.

So with this in mind, what are the top 10 issues relating to wind turbine failure?

  1. Gearbox issues
  2. Lightning strikes
  3. Blade issues
  4. Mechanical Breakdown
  5. Nacelle fire
  6. Human error
  7. Turbine collapse
  8. NAT CAT events
  9. Yaw motor events
  10. Poor O+M arrangements

JTL Leading Edge focuses on preventing two out of the top three issues — blade repair and maintenance, and lightning strikes. We believe cleaning processes are critical to achieving the full mechanical bond strength between the substrate and the applied repair materials. Both pre-cleaning and in-process cleaning operations are required to ensure a lasting repair.

The lightning protection system is an important system in a turbine blade, which can be damaged by a lightning strike or be compromised by a poorly fitted lightning receptor and loss of or poorly applied sealant.

We can check and re-fit these lightning receptors to ensure the system is working correctly.

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