Picture Acquisition Hardware & Software

  • Two versions are available: 400mm and 600mm lens
  • Picture processing and quality assurance.
  • Optimisation of picture position.
  • Data fusion
  • Integration into data base.

  • Drones allow more data to be obtained with equivalent or better data quality.
  • Hard-to-access areas can be accessed easily and quickly
  • High-resolution sensor systems for crack detection in the sub-millimetre range allow for minimal abnormalities to be detected and safely assessed by surveyors.
  • We have the correct  special sensor technology for any situation and also automated post-editing

  • Rope access blade inspections take approximately 8 hours per turbine.
  • Non-rope access method takes approximately 90 mins per turbine, enabling up to 5 – 6 turbine inspections per day, covering the whole blade surface.
  • Images are then saved for future analysis against later inspections.


  • Blade health check, status of the blades
  • Blade Inspection for Warranty purposes
  • List of corrective maintenance including:
    • Repair cost estimate
    • Detailed pictures and/or blade overview
    • Advice for next preventive maintenance
    • Measurement results – for example: lightning protection
    • Yearly status inspection
    • Inspection campaigns
    • Photographic Inspection from ground level
    • Photographic Inspection by rope technicians